1. Terms & Conditions

In your own interests you are urged and strongly advised to read the following Terms and Conditions of Occupancy as they form a part of the legally binding agreement you are being asked to sign. Before doing so please ask if there is anything you do not understand.

This Agreement does not, and is not intended, to create a tenancy of the premises. You will occupy the premises as a licensee and you do not have exclusive possession of the premises. This agreement and these incorporated Terms and Conditions are governed by English Law.

Please ask for advice if there is anything you do not understand or seek your own legal advice before signing this Agreement.

In signing this Agreement, you agree to abide fully by these Terms and Conditions, which include paying for the full contractual period. If you move into the accommodation without having signed the Agreement, you will be regarded as having accepted this Agreement by your actions. You are, of course, free to take independent advice on the contents of this Agreement.


You are responsible for paying the Fee from the start date of this Agreement until the end date, even when these dates start earlier than your Check-in and end later than your Check-out date. End dates in agreements between 1st July and 15th August are not permitted. End dates in agreements between 15th November and 15th January are not permitted.

As a general rule you can check-in from 13:00 to 17:30 on the day of arrival and must check-out at 10:00 (morning) on the day of departure.

If you request a change of check-in date you will still be liable for the Fee from the Agreement Period start date. For example, if the agreement start date is 10th May and you request a change of check-in to 15th August, the Fee will be due from 10th May. In the event that your check-in date is more than one week after your start date, you will need to pay the amount equivalent to one month's Fee prior to the agreement start date. All payments must be received in our account in cleared funds by debit/credit card, cash or bank transfer before keys are issued. This is valid for the moving in monies only. No exceptions can be made in case of any delay of funds being transferred from abroad. A proof of payment does not represent "cleared funds" until the money is actually available on our account.

When confirming the booking, please be sure of the end date that you supply. Once your end date is confirmed, you are liable for paying the Fees up until that date, even if you leave the property earlier than the end date.


When you arrive at the office, please approach a member of staff. Please bring your confirmation of booking with you when you check-in. You will also need to bring one form of photographic identification (ID). Valid forms of ID include a passport, driving licence or other Government Issue identification document.

    1. CHECK-IN

Check-in can be completed for free between 1 pm and 5:30 pm (Monday to Friday). Check-ins on Saturday need to be approved by management. Check-ins on Sunday or UK Bank Holidays or not allowed. The office is closed for Christmas holidays between 23rd December and 3rd January. Check-ins and check-outs will not be possible during this period.

- At, or before your check-in you must pay to Myrooms:

- the Fee for the period from the Agreement Period start date until the last day of that month by automated card payment.

- If agreed (as an alternative to taking out an insurance policy) the Deposit of a sum equal to the Fee for one month rent which is payable on the signing of this Agreement,

- All fees upfront and a credit card guarantee, in the case of a short-term booking.

Payment can be made by cash, UK bank transfer or card only for the moving in monies. Recurring monthly payments are made via the automated card payment system only. Keys will not be issued until all outstanding balances have been paid. As part of your contract, you will be asked to provide a UK mobile number and email address where we can reach you. These details will be stored on our system and may be used by Myrooms contractors to arrange access to the property for repairs and/or to follow-up on maintenance issues. These details must be kept up to date and any change in your telephone number or email address must be notified to Myrooms office within 24 hours. If you fail to keep your contact details up to date then this will be deemed a breach of this Agreement.

-Please take pictures of your room and send them via www.arthuronline.co.uk

    1. FEES

      1. Fees must be received by Myrooms on the due date of each calendar month by automated card payment only.

      2. Any debit balance on your account owing to late payment charges must be cleared when the next Fee payment is made.

      3. If the Fee is not received in full by the 14th day of the month this Agreement will be terminated immediately.

      4. In the event of the termination Myrooms reserve the right to clear the Room and Property of any of your possessions and place them in storage. The cost of storage will be at your expense.

      5. You are not permitted to withhold any Fees against amounts allegedly owed by Myrooms to you. Even if you have a claim or believe you are owed money, you must pursue this separately and cannot deduct any sum from Fees as and when they are due. Withholding of any part of the Fees shall be considered a breach of this Agreement and will result in termination of this Agreement.

Methods of Payment of license fees

Your license fee should be paid via automated card payment on a monthly basis,

Myrooms cannot take American Express or cheque payments.

Bank transfers

With regards to the first payment of your monthly Agreement fee (moving in monies only), our Bank Account details are the following:

UK bank transfers:

Bank: HSBC

Account name: EQUINOX RE

Sort code: 400607

Account number: 81722166

International (non UK) bank transfers:

Bank: HSBC

Account name: EQUINOX RE

IBAN : GB67MIDL40060781722166


**** Please ensure your reference (surname/flataddress) is given as reference of the payment****

Pay by credit or debit card:

    1. DEPOSIT

Myrooms offers the choice of either the payment of a deposit equivalent to one month rent Fee or making a payment of 1 weeks’ Fee directly to a zero-deposit scheme opened by Myrooms with Reposit. This scheme is an insurance scheme so that in consideration of the payment of 1 week’s Fee, Reposit will provide deposit cover equal to one month rent. It is important to understand that you will not have the payment that you have made directly to Reposit returned at the end of Agreement Period.

    1. UTILITies, communication services and council tax

      1. As part of its agreement with its client Myrooms undertakes to pay the charges incurred with utility companies for the supply of gas, water and electricity, council tax and the cost of the supply of Communication Services at the Property. My rooms asks its clients to make a one -off charge in advance on account of these costs at the time this Agreement is entered into. The charge proposed in this case is one week of rent.

      2. If a gas/electricity meter is installed at the property you will be liable to top up the meter and a refund will be provided once the receipts have been delivered to our office. Please note that you will need to top up £100-200 at a time in order to minimize your effort.


To report any repairs and maintenance issues please use the following link in order for us to keep a track of any repairs: arthuronline.co.uk This link will guide you through the report of a maintenance ticket to our property management team. Please also note that we have a managing agent or landlord above us dealing with the maintenance query that you report.

We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours to acknowledge your email and to log the repair.

We will carry out the repairs according to a monitored schedule.

Myrooms will not be liable for any issues that are not reported in this way.

All non-repair issues within the property must be reported www.arthuronline.co.uk. Myrooms will not be liable for any issues that are not reported in this way.

In case of fire, burglary or the smell of gas, please dial emergency services on 999.

In the event that you experience an emergency maintenance problem, please contact one of the following companies who will be able to assist you:

National Grid — Gas Leaks 24 hour emergency line - 0800 111 999

National Grid - Call our 24 hour electricity emergency line - 0800 40 40 90

Thames Water (24 hour leaks/burst pipes) - 0800 714 614

London Heating Solutions (Plumbing & Heating) — 020 7607 7171 / 07474665661

If you have an electricity power cut or local cable emergency, you need to contact your local network operator.

In case an appliance at the property breaks down, we will need to seek the property owner’s consent and approval for the appliance to be repaired and/or replaced, this may take a few days and we cannot be held responsible for any delay.

In case a boiler is faulty and needs to be serviced/replaced or a part needs to be replaced, this may take a few days for the part/s to be ordered and delivered. We will do our best to resolve the issue in the shortest possible time and you accept that we will not bear any responsibility for delay beyond our control. No compensation can be claimed by you in this event.

You are responsible for ventilating all the rooms in the property especially during winter when overheating can cause condensation problems. You will be liable for any condensation which may affect the room and common areas in the property.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all refuse is disposed of correctly and on a regular basis in order to avoid the attraction of household vermin i.e. mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches and other household infestations and pests. Myrooms cannot be held liable for any infestation issues reported at the property following the commencement of this Agreement. If there is an infestation then you will be required to call out professional pest control treatment at own expense. Assistance may be available in more severe cases.

It is your responsibility to provide access to contractors to carry out maintenance works. It is your responsibility to arrange access with the other occupiers of the Property.

If representatives of Myrooms are engaged in (1) dealing with any breach of this Agreement, (2) replacing a lost key and/or unlocking the Property (required because of the lost key), (3) the termination of this Agreement before the end of the Agreement Period with or without the grant a replacement agreement for another room, (4) or finding a replacement client their hourly rate will be charged at £15 per hour. A charge will also be made in respect of all other reasonable and lawful costs incurred by reason of the any of the matters listed 1 -4 above.

    1. GENERAL CONDITIONS (Customer)

You agree to the following conditions/responsibilities/obligations:

      1. You must use the Room and the Facilities for residential purposes only. No private profession, trade or business may be advertised or conducted in either space,

      2. Myrooms will not take any responsibility for lost/stolen or damaged property that results from a break-in. It is your responsibility to ensure that your personal belongings are kept safely within your rooms and to arrange contents insurance for any valuable belongings such as laptops or mobile phones, electronic devices.

      3. You will be liable for any redecoration or restoration work to the walls that may be required as a result of hanging posters, photos, mirrors and/or the use of 'Blue Tack' and similar products.

      4. You must not alter or change or install any locks to doors or windows in the Room or the Property nor have any additional keys cut without the consent of Myrooms. Any locks installed will be removed at or before the end of the Agreement Period at your cost.

      5. We reserve the right to require you to move to similar alternative accommodation due to alterations or building works being carried out in the Room or at the Property or as a result of damage to the Room or the Property that we regard as makes it unfit for occupation.

      6. The only electrical appliances allowed in the Room are: bedside lamp, television, video, DVD player or recorder, radio, music systems, shavers, hair dryers/straighteners, calculators, clocks, travel kettles, irons, personal computers and printers, CD and tape systems and such other appliances as may be specifically approved in writing by Myrooms. This equipment must be PAT tested (you are responsible for ensuring that all electrical equipment has a current PAT test pass confirmation).

      7. For your own safety, interfering or tampering with services including electrical appliances, gas appliances, heating and water supplies, fixtures and fittings is not permitted.

      8. Cooking in the Room is not permitted at any time and any equipment used or capable of being used for cooking in bedrooms will be removed from the Room and disposed of.

      9. Heaters of any kind other than any provided by Myrooms are NOT permitted in the Room or at the Property and will be removed from the building and disposed of.

      10. Misuse of firefighting equipment is ILLEGAL, DANGEROUS and FORBIDDEN. Any misuse or interference with fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire doors, break-glass points and fire/smoke detectors in the Room or the Property of the building in which the Property is situated is a serious breach of the terms of this Agreement and Myrooms shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect, and you WILL be charged for repairs required to such firefighting equipment and any costs incurred for Fire Service attendance.

      11. Due to fire risk, you are NOT allowed to have any items in the Room which have an exposed flame, e.g. candles, tea lights, oil lamps or oil/incense burners. You must NOT use or keep 'fairy lights', joss sticks, sheeshas, hookahs, flammable liquids and gases within your room. Such items, if found, will be removed from the Room and/or the Property and disposed of. Multi-gang sockets and extension leads are permitted providing they are new or have been PAT tested (proof of receipt or PAT testing required).

      12. All accommodation is non-smoking and you and your guests are not permitted to smoke in any part of the Building or the Property or the Room. Should it become evident that you have been smoking in the Room, the Property or the Building in breach of this clause you will be liable for the cost of cleaning, redecoration or restoration required to remove evidence of smoking. If any occupant sets off the smoke detection system because of smoking any costs arising will be charged to the occupant.

      13. You agree not to bring into the Room or the Property any fireworks or any other items which we reasonably consider to be dangerous, including (without limitation) firearms, air-weapons, swords, knives, martial arts weapons, and any other offensive weapons including paint-ball guns, BB or pellet guns, replica or ceremonial weapons.

      14. You should ensure the Property and the Room is left secure at all times. For example, you must not leave external doors open and you should lock your door and close and lock windows when you leave the Room and the Property.

      15. Illegal drug use is not permitted in either the Room or at the Property and this includes in the Common Parts and Accessways. Illegal drug use will result in immediate termination of the Agreement and a report to the police. You will be liable for the cost of any redecoration or restoration required to remedy any damage to the Room or the Property caused by illegal drug use.

      16. Myrooms reserves the right to make the Property available for viewings of vacant rooms to prospective customers by giving two (2) hours’ notice to at least one of the persons living in the Property.

      17. You will respect the Accessways, Common Parts and Facilities, tidy up after yourself and not allow any personal belongings to cause a hindrance or nuisance to flat mates or to block the Facilities, Common Parts and Accessways.

      18. You agree to keep the Room in a clean state and to carry out your share of cleaning in the communal areas for which you are responsible e.g. the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and hallway. You agree that we may, at reasonable times, enter the Property to clean, inspect, repair or for any other reasonable purpose. Periodic inspections will be made by Myrooms staff in any event.

      19. You will not damage the furniture, fixtures and fittings and any appliances within the Room and the Property and will report any damage via www.arthuronline.co.uk immediately. The cost of repairing/replacing damaged/disposed of furniture in the Room or the Property will be invoiced and added to your Fee account. In case of damage to an item used communally and in the absence of any clear evidence about who is responsible for the damage, the cost of repair will be divided amongst all occupants of the Property.

      20. You are not permitted to remove any furniture from the Room or the Property and doing so will result in a fee that covers the cost Myrooms incurs in arranging a replacement.

      21. Showers, baths, toilets and sinks are to be kept clean at all times. In case of blockages the Client must attempt to clear the blockage before contacting the management team.

      22. To prevent blockages, you must not flush nappies, condoms, women's sanitary products, baby wipes or anything else down the toilet. The cost of clearing a blockage caused or contributed to by any of these items will be invoiced to the occupants of the Property.

      23. You are responsible for cleaning the Room, washing up dirty dishes and taking out the rubbish.

      24. Where the Room is in the opinion of the Myrooms staff, found to be persistently dirty or unhygienic, Myrooms reserves the right to undertake cleaning and to charge the costs for this cleaning, and any related administrative costs.

      25. You will be responsible for changing light bulbs in the Room and/or at the Property during the Agreement Period.

      26. Live-in/overnight guests whose continuous period of occupation is longer than [ ] are not permitted and failure to comply with this condition will lead to immediate termination of this Agreement.

      27. You must respect your flat mates and take care and consideration when dealing with shared responsibilities.

      28. You will not play loud music or cause disturbance to neighbours, particularly between 8 pm and 9 am. Noise should not cause a nuisance at any time — if it does, it is excessive. Please keep quiet in communal areas, especially when entering or leaving the building in which the Property is situated. You must show consideration towards other residents in the Building and towards your neighbours at all times

      29. You must promptly bring all post that is not addressed to an occupier of the Property to our offices and you are forbidden from opening any post not addressed to you.

      30. TV License fees are not included. If you wish to have a TV in the Room, please make sure to register and pay the relevant TV Licence fee. Please note that failure to pay the relevant TV Licence fee could result in a criminal offence.

      31. You must not use the internet connection telephone line for the purposes of making telephone calls. This is a breach of the providers terms of supplying the internet services and may result in the disconnection of the internet line by the internet service providers. Any attempt to plug a telephone into the internet connection line is a serious breach of this Agreement and we will be entitled to terminate this Agreement immediately and recover all costs incurred or arising from the breach.


      1. If you are moving into a recently refurbished Property, there may be a delay of about 6 weeks for the installation of the internet service. Delays with the service provision are down to the provider and Myrooms cannot be held liable for any delays.

      2. Myrooms will carry out regular property inspections to ensure the expected standards are being maintained.

      3. Myrooms reserves the right to move you to a different room within the Property or to a property within the Myrooms portfolio if deemed necessary by providing at least (except in cases of emergency) one week's notice to you. Such a requirement could occur if there are extensive repairs that need to be carried out to bedrooms or common parts, if the property is not deemed by Myrooms to be suitable for living in, or because Myrooms own tenancy of the Property is coming to an end or for any other reason that Myrooms deems necessary. Failure to move room when required will result in the termination of this Agreement.

      4. Myrooms reserves the right to enter the Property and the Room as and when required for the purpose of attending to repairs reported by customers, carrying out routine inspections, carrying out maintenance spot checks and cleaning. We will try to give 24 hours’ notice unless this is not practicable. However, Myrooms reserves the right to enter the Room or the Property without notice, particularly in cases where entry is required to prevent further damage and to carry out any emergency repairs or inspections.

      5. Failure to provide access to the Room and/or the Property for maintenance/contractor appointments previously scheduled and confirmed or for emergency purposes that results in the maintenance/contractor visit having to be rescheduled or a further visit made will be deemed to be a breach of this agreement and you will be responsible for any callout fee or charge made for the abortive visit which will be debited to your account.

      6. Myrooms does not provide any kitchen utensils, crockery, appliances i.e. toaster, microwave, iron, ironing board, hoover, etc. It is the Client’s responsibility to purchase any desired items at your own expense.

      7. Myrooms does not provide additional furniture to that listed in the schedule of furnishings annexed to this Agreement.

    2. CHECK-OUT

      1. Your check out date is the day you must vacate the Room. Failure to vacate the Room and/or to surrender the keys by your notified check out time on the scheduled date will incur a delay and a cost and will be deemed a breach of this agreement. In the event that a cost is incurred this will be charged to you.

      2. If you need to change your check-out date a formal request needs to be sent via www.arthuronline.co.uk and Myrooms will reply with a decision within 24 hours.

      3. Check-outs are carried out from 10am at the end date of your contract and your check out time is scheduled before 10am. Myrooms will only carry out a Sunday/Bank Holiday check-out in exceptional circumstances.

      4. You are required to return all keys in your possession to Myrooms by 12pm on your check out date.

      5. You are required to fill in a Check-out Form with your bank details in order for Myrooms to process any refund due to you.

      6. 2It is your responsibility to leave the property in a clean and tidy condition on check-out.

      7. You will be liable for any cost of repairs and dilapidations in the property.

    3. KEYS

      1. If you lose your keys, a replacement set can be provided at the reasonable cost incurred by Myrooms.

      2. In case Myrooms are unable to provide a key out of office hours you will need to contact a locksmith. If a locksmith changes the lock, you must notify us immediately and provide us with 2 sets of keys as soon as possible on the following working day.

      3. Should a locksmith need to be called out, you will be responsible for paying all of their charges and any fees or charges incurred by us in providing new keys to all other people entitled to them.


Transfers to another room within the Property or to a different property within Myrooms’ portfolio (which will involve the termination of this Agreement and the grant of a new agreement for the remaining part of the Agreement Period) can be requested by you and if My rooms offer to do so and you agree Myrooms will arrange this. Myrooms will notify you of the costs incurred at the time the offer to transfer is made and the transfer can take place once any fees being required to effect the transfer have been received.


Renewals or extensions of this Agreement must be requested via www.arthuronline.o.uk . Once a renewal/extension of this Agreement has been successfully approved by Myrooms whether or not a new agreement has been signed, cancellations will not be allowed and you will be liable for paying the Fee until the end of the Agreement Period .